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Reiki Academy bridging

Table of Contents

  • Professional associates' of the academy of Reiki

Nationally Recognised Training is becoming mandatory as the government 'raises the bar' on the basic accepted standard of teaching throughout the Natural Therapies Industry.

As a Reiki Master already teaching Reiki, you may ask yourself, "Why should I change what I have been doing?" and "What would the government know about passing on the 'essence' of Reiki to students?"

These are valid questions and similar questions are being asked by people in every industry who are conscientious of maintaining a high standard of delivery in their chosen profession.

A decision was made by the Academy of Reiki to have all its courses, from Reiki Level 1 through to Reiki Master/Teacher Level, accredited and obtained a Diploma of Teaching (Reiki) in June 1999.

In January 2001, DME Enterprises Pty Ltd qualified as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), and it is through them, that all the Academy of Reiki's accredited courses are delivered.

The Academy of Reiki felt, and continues to feel, that it is important to maintain this high standard in the delivery of Reiki courses throughout the Natural Therapy Industry. However, experience has shown that it is a rather daunting, time consuming and expensive exercise, to meet these government requirements, particularly for those working independently.

Therefore, for existing Reiki Masters, the Academy offers Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in conjunction with its 'Reiki Masters Bridging Course' especially developed for those wishing to enter into a contract as a Professional Associate with DME Enterprises Pty Ltd, T/A the Academy of Reiki.

Professional associates' of the academy of Reiki

The major objective of DME Enterprises Pty Ltd is to offer quality services in keeping with Nationally Recognised Training and to be an effective force in maintaining a uniformly high standard amongst Reiki teachers.

To this end we offer Reiki Masters who have completed our 'Masters Bridging Course', the opportunity to become a Professional Associate of the Academy of Reiki. Thus enabling them to be unencumbered by the complex requirements of maintaining government records while still allowing them the freedom to do what they do best, that is 'teach Reiki' yet being able to offer Nationally Recognised Training to their students. Benefits to Professional Associates include:

  • Discounts on Course Manuals
  • GST Free Courses
  • Use of RTO Approved Stationary (as per contract) Course Compliance Sheets including Trainer & Trainee course materials
  • Use of the Academy of Reiki Logo (as per contract) On business cards & advertising authorised by the Academy of Reiki
  • Advertising through:

    • The Academy of Reiki Newsletter (Page inserted with your available course dates)
    • The Academy of Reiki Brochure (Space for Professional Associates details on back)
    • The Academy of Reiki Yellow Pages Approved Trade Exhibitions and Festivals
    • List of the Academy of Reiki Professional Associates on the Academy of Reiki Website
    • Link from the Academy of Reiki's Website to your Website
  • Referrals Availability of Student Referrals to Professional Associates
  • Student File

    • Update and Maintenance of Student details
    • Availability of Student Course History
    • Archive Student records for RTO Audits
  • Nationally Recognised Training Certificates Issue of Student Certificates to Teacher (Teacher to supply Academy with Student details and Treatment Sheet once they have received full payment from student)

For any inquires about the courses please contact - Blessings

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