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Reiki Academy Training Programmes

Table of Contents

  • Duration of the Training Programmes
  • Entry requirements
  • Application Procedure
  • Accreditation
  • Awards
  • Course Material
  • Student Support
  • Assessment

Modular Training Programme

The Academy of Reiki believes that learning should be as pleasant and as hassle free as possible. We therefore are proud to offer our training programmes in flexible and inter-related modules which will enable you to progress at your own pace.

  • Diploma of Teaching (Reiki)
  • Statement of Attainment for modules taken individually

All Reiki courses are offered as distance education.

However, some modules will by their nature require "on campus" tuition. These modules are conducted biennially, Further details on application.

Modules are to be undertaken individually or for bridging purposes. Each module is clearly presented, easy to follow and keep abreast of current knowledge.

Introductory short courses are also offered as well as workshops in practical applications and techniques, and others areas requiring hand-on experience.

The Academy of Reiki also offers Post Graduate, as well as bridging programmes, individualised to suit your particular circumstances.

The advantage of this arrangement is that you can commence training at any time, and it gives those who are already working as therapists in the health field the opportunity to up-grade their skills by choosing those modules which are of particular interest to them.

Duration of the Training Programmes

While the recommended duration for the completion of the diploma programme is 7 months, it is appreciated that this will vary according to circumstances. Each module has a recommended nominal number of hours for completion, which allows for study of the subject material as well as time to undertake all tasks necessary to complete the module. This nominal number of hours is to serve as a guide as some students will require more time, depending on the background and abilities of the student. It is, however, strongly recommended that you schedule yourself at least 10 hours of home study per week.

All assignments should be completed and returned for marking and assessment within the recommended time-frame. Any extension of time should be requested in writing.

Entry requirements

Pre- or Co-requisites are listed in the Module descriptors following.

It is the policy of the Academy of Reiki to recognise prior learning. Should you wish to claim credit for any module (or part thereof) evidence of satisfactory comprehension of and/or skill in that module is required. Therefore please forward certified copies of certificates, diplomas, etc. and verification of hours of training undertaken along with your application.

Application Procedure

All applicants will be required to complete the registration form provided and return it with certified photocopies of all relevant qualifications. An interview (personal where practical, otherwise by telephone) will then be arranged prior to selection and acceptance into the training programme.

If you are successful we will notify you in writing and we will then require payment according to your preferred payment method. We look forward to receiving your application.

Once we have received your payment, the relevant course material will be sent to you (for distant education) or be ready for you on the first class of each module (on campus) and you are ready to embark upon your exciting journey in your chosen field.


Upon successful completion of all relevant modules, graduates are eligible to join the International School of Reiki (ISR) as a Teacher Member.


The Diploma of Teaching (Reiki) and all Statement of Attainment courses are Government accredited.

The Diploma of Teaching (Reiki) and all Statement of Attainment courses: on successful completion of all modules and prerequisites graduates are eligible to join the International Society of Reiki Teachers and Practitioners Inc. (ISRTP)

Statement of attainment will be issued for all successfully completed modules.

Course Material

The following course material will be supplied:

  • comprehensive notes and handouts
  • comprehensive library material
  • flip cards (teaching aid)

For distance education the following will also be supplied:

  • home study papers and assignments
  • flip cards (teaching aid)

The course fees do not include lunch or accommodation or training aid flip cards.

Student Support

Regular individual feedback to students is provided throughout the course:

  • by evaluation sheets and personal interview (on campus)
  • per phone or email and evaluation sheets (distance education)

Students enrolling in the Diploma of Teaching (Reiki) will be eligible to become a Teacher in Training member of the ISR, which will also include subscription to their official newsletter "In touch with Reiki".

We encourage students to give us feedback on individual modules to help us assess and progressively improve training programmes.


Face to face or distance training must be completed under the supervision of an accredited trainer of the Academy of Reiki unless otherwise agreed upon by both the student and the Academy of Reiki

Your assignments and assessments will provide the basis for continuous monitoring of your progress.

For any inquires about the courses please contact - Blessings

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Get Certified Diploma & Attunements for level 1, 2 and 3/Master now | Certified From The International School Of Reiki | Recognized Worldwide | Delivered within hours | Get it now!

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