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Reiki Angels: FAQ

Table of Contents

What is Reiki?

Simply Reiki (pronounced ray-key) meaning universal energy and is a very safe complimentary therapy. Reiki improves energy levels and releases toxins; it is a wonderful tool to enhance any other treatment and to get the best out of life on all levels. It is a very efficient therapy and anyone can do it. It also compliments other therapies such as aromatherapy, reflexology, counselling, and hypnotherapy. It is a completely safe, natural, and holistic way of treating disease.

What is a Reiki treatment?

A Reiki treatment is done with the client fully clothed. It is a gentle hands on technique which is very peaceful and deeply relaxing. Reiki can be experienced on a physical, mental and emotional level. It takes the person to a deep state of relaxation that the healing energies harmonise and healing takes place.

Is Reiki suitable for everyone?

Yes from the very young to the elderly and is completely safe for pregnant woman.

How do I choose a Reiki Practitioner?

They must always work within the bounds of their own ability and never prescribe, nor diagnose, or judge a client’s condition unless licensed to do so.

If a practitioner does any of the above my advice - quickly find a new practitioner.

What conditions can Reiki help to relieve?

It is a natural way to treat many conditions including:

Stress, Migraine, Acne, Arthritis, Asthma, Back pain, Sciatica, ME, Eczema, PMT, Depression, Anxiety, Mental and Emotional problems, Menopausal problems, Sinusitis, Fear, Tension, Insomnia, Broken Bones, Circulation, , Speed up recovery time from Operations, and many more the list is endless.

Is Reiki suitable for every condition?

I personally do not know of any contra indications for Reiki, if it doesn’t immediately help it will not harm.

Do you have to believe?

No you just have to relax and the energy will go in anyway, but like all things if you try to block it the result will not be as satisfying.

Can Reiki do any harm?

I personally do not know of any contra indications for Reiki, however, remember everything cannot be healed in this life time.

Should practitioners ask questions before the treatment?

YES and if they don’t –RUN- and find someone who will.

For instance if someone had a pacemaker for their heart and the practitioner didn’t know and didn’t ask the question, they could start a reaction by causing the heart to flutter etc – not a good thing eh!!!

However if they had this knowledge before starting a treatment by adjusting the hand positions away from the area the incident would not occur and the client would have a pleasant and relaxing treatment.

Can anyone learn Reiki?

Yes of course.

Can you self heal with Reiki?

Yes and you really can feel the difference.

Remember when using the Reiki energy it is coming from the Universe and I think you would agree it’s a big place so the energies are limitless, so you are not relying on the life force energy of any one person to make you feel better.

What makes people choose Reiki?

People do not choose Reiki, rather Reiki chooses you. When you are ready you will find that things start to fall into place and you find the path to take you find your teacher.

Why is Reiki called “intelligent “ energy?

Reiki is an intelligent energy because it knows which area of the body most need healing and will automatically flow to specific areas where suffering and imbalance are prevalent.

How does Reiki energy flow?

Reiki flows through our palms at different rates of speed, depending on various factors such as the extent of illness, degree of blockages and their readiness to accept change.

What is a Reiki attunement?

A Reiki attunement is a type of ritual or ceremony performed by a Reiki Master. The ceremony involves energetic placement of Reiki symbols through a specific set of actions into the students crown and palms.

What is a healing crisis?

As with any form of natural healing, there is a cleansing. This may happen during or immediately after a Reiki treatment, or within a few days. During a treatment, the client’s body draws in energy. It washes through, clearing the body out on a physical, mental, or emotional level. This cleansing may be obvious or very subtle and is sometimes called a “Clearing” or a “Healing Crisis”.

Must you have the same Reiki Master for every level?

No. The choice is entirely yours. A Master must never insist you stay with them for every level.

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