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Experiences of Reiki

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I was working on a lady, aged 86 who had a lot of structural problems. She has a four and half inch height difference between the right and left leg. She has had operations on the left ankle to fuse the bones as the bones in her heel had splintered. She was experiencing pain in her left ankle and asked me to do Reiki on the ankle. There was a loud noise almost like a gunshot and she asked me to continue and again the noise and then she asked me to let go of her ankle and for the first time in fifteen years she was able to bend her foot up and down.


My grandson was crying with pain in his right ear and he had a very high temperature. I did Reiki on his right ear and within minutes the temperature dropped and he went to sleep. He woke the next morning fine and had no problem with his right ear.


My children aged 7 and 4 have been Reiki attuned. Both children were asthmatic, the oldest requiring frequent use of a ventalin machine and the younger one also had severe eczema. There has been no need for any asthma medication for either of the children and the youngest child's eczema cleared within days and has not returned. Since they were attuned, neither of the children have had asthma attacks and have lost the wheeze and rattly chest that was a permanent part of their lives. I'm really grateful to Reiki as it is a great relief to no longer have these ailments as part of our lives.


A two and a half year old girl with a chest weakness had trouble breathing all her life. During her first REIKI treatment, the "rattle" that was always associated with her breathing, stopped. Although it returns from time to time, it always stops when she is treated with REIKI and she can breathe peacefully.


A distressed 9 year old boy was very reluctant to return to school after the Christmas holidays. He was unable to sleep at night and was very stressed and insecure, but not tearful. Each morning he had to be physically handed over to a teacher who had to stay with him until lessons began so that he would stay at the school.


After a fortnight of this, he was given a REIKI treatment, and after 20 minutes he announced that he would go to his class by himself. Most of breaks were spent having REIKI treatments, after which he returned to his class alone. He also rang his teacher each night as he went to bed. Initially these calls were over 30 minutes but had reduced to about 5 minutes within a week. By the third week, office visits occurred only in the morning, and phone calls had dropped to 1 or 2 a week. By the end of the fourth week, office visits and phone calls had ceased altogether. He commented about REIKI that it made me feet very quiet inside. It stopped my heart from beating fast and 1 felt good." Since then, the boy, his mother and younger brother have all done First Degree REIKI.


A lady was having treatment for a pulmonary embolism. She always felt that her lung was "stuck" and had difficulty in getting her breath. During her first attunement the problem disappeared and has not returned.


A usually calm, but over-competitive 11 year old boy attacked other children when they did not obey the rules of his game. He fought off teachers who went to intervene. He was very distraught and out of control and was placed in a closed room to settle down. After 15 minutes of REIKI he was sitting quite calmly but still sobbing. After 26 minutes he had stopped crying and within an hour was able to discuss the incident with the principal without becoming distressed.


A lady in her mid-thirties, suffered badly from migraine headaches. After her first REIKI treatment, the headaches got worse and continued to do so until the fourth treatment, when they went completely and have not returned.


A 5 year old girl had the flesh of her upper arm from elbow to shoulder caught in the jamb of a door. When the door was finally opened, her upper arm was pinched flat and the skin was peeling. After 15 minutes of REIKI she had stopped screaming but was still sobbing and after 25 minutes, she had stopped crying. When given a choice of going home or more REIKI, she placed my hands on her arm without saying a word. After a further 30 minutes of REIKI, she was taken home. Surprisingly, the only bruising on her arm the following day was in the areas at the extreme top and bottom of her upper arm which had not been adequately covered by my hands.


A lady was making a puree of hot soup in a blender when the lid flew off, scalding her front with boiling liquid. Despite the intensity of the pain she kept her hands on her scalded chest until the pain subsided. The next day she had no pain and only a pink mark on the skin - no blisters formed.

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