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Common Questions About The Attunements


Have you just heard the attunement? What is this? If you don't already know, let's find out here in this article.

Here are the common questions about the attunements.

What Is An Attunement?

A woman with curly hair holding the hand of another woman
A woman with curly hair holding the hand of another woman

It is an initiation that enables you to access Reikienergy on all levels (mental, physical, emotional, and psychic) and balances numerous energy channels throughout your spiritual body. The Reiki Master will channel the Reiki Energy through your aura/spiritual body. This process will enable you to connect to Pure Universal Energy and activate the dormant Reiki energy that already exists within you. Now you can use this energy for healing and much more.

Distance Attunements?

Attunement can be performed in person or remotely through the use of the Distant Transmission energy.

Time Between Attunements?

Attunements can be given in bulk or separately, depending on the individual's preference and available time. Both are equally efficient, but attunements in one go are more expensive because they consume more energy in a shorter time.

Physical Explanation Of Attunements

Consider this similar to a music radio, where you can adjust the frequency until you hear your favorite station. Here, the Reiki Master will tune you until you receive Reiki healing energy. Take note that you will be on the correct frequency; however, after a few days, you will need a decade back to the incorrect frequency. As such, it is recommended that you repeat the attunements if you believe your frequency is on the incorrect channel. At first, you should perform two or three attunements to permanently lock in the correct frequency for a few months. Only on our website, the Reiki Master will channel additional Universal Life Force Energy into your aura following your attunement to strengthen your attunement.

What If You Feel A Bit Strange?

Following attunement, the Master will adjust your frequency to the healing. After a few months, it may become out of sync, and you may experience discomfort. At this point, you can request that the Reiki Master permanently seal your frequency in your aura, which is accomplished through the use of the Secret Symbols, which were rediscovered in March 1922 by Dr. Mikao Usui. Since then, these symbols have been secretly passed along to the most devout Reiki practitioners, with some teachers charging as much as $10,000.

How To Know You Have Received The Attunement?

If you schedule the attunement through our website, you will select the day, time, and time zone for the attunement. You will feel more energized and optimistic in life following attunement.

This is what attunement involves. Before an attunement, you'll usually be guided through some kind of relaxation or meditation. As a result, you're more open to receiving the attunement's energy. Reiki masters use sacred symbols to imprint your aura and chakras with healing energy after you've completed the relaxation exercise. Your hands become more sensitive due to their contact and the opening up of your palms. As a rule, there is also some type of sacred breathwork involved.

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