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What Needs To Be Considered In Becoming A Reiki Master?


Reikiis a sacred practice that requires reverence and respect to fully appreciate. The benefits of Reiki can be life-changing, not only allowing us to heal ourselves and others but also guiding us in our lives. We can grow, unfold, and awaken to our own boundless potential through its unlimited nature. It is a blessing to be on the path of Reiki, but it is also healing for the earth. Following their initial Reiki training, many people aspire in becoming a Reiki masterat the advanced and master levels.

Being alive creates a desire to grow. Growing is the one activity that all living things share, as we can see when we look around.

Growing things are alive. In fact, growth is the purpose of life because it is what living things do. So the desire to grow in Reiki potential is a natural expression of one's core essence and of life itself. Respect and honor this desire if you feel it. This will satisfy an innate desire.

What To Expect In Becoming A Reiki Master?

The benefits of becoming a Reiki Master are numerous, and you don't have to teach to benefit from it. The extra healing energy, symbols, techniques, and knowledge will help you heal better. Treating yourself, giving yourself and others healing attunements, and treating others in person and remotely will all improve. The ability to teach Reiki to friends and family is also a plus. Many master students do so. It is possible to teach formally in the future. The Reiki Master training raises everyone's personal vibration, which in turn raises the planet's vibration!

Teaching Reiki to others is one of the greatest joys of Reiki Mastery. Imagine the joy of seeing your Reiki class members receive Reiki energy during the attunement. Then, as you instruct them, share their joy and wonder as they first feel its gentle power flowing through them. As your students use Reiki to help family, friends, and clients, a spiritual bond will form between you all. Compassion and love for all will grow as you merge with the Reiki Consciousness and realize that we are all one in God.

Reiki master's hands with brilliant lights above the face and stomach of a woman lying on the massage table
Reiki master's hands with brilliant lights above the face and stomach of a woman lying on the massage table

Mrs. Takata, who learned Reiki in Japan in 1935, provided us with all the information about Reiki. Mrs. Takata defines a Reiki Master as someone who has received the Master attunement and symbol, knows how to give all the attunements, and has taught a Reiki class to others. Those who have completed Reiki Master training but have not taught at least one person are not Reiki Masters and should be called Reiki Master practitioners until they do. If you have taught a friend or family member Reiki, you are a Reiki Master.

She died in December 1980, but her twenty-two Masters taught and eventually initiated others. They began by teaching the system in three degrees, as Mrs. Takata had. Eventually, some masters began changing the system, adding their own knowledge and healing skills gained through experience and intuition. Some divided the original third degree into two or more parts. In fact, some people split the master's degree into five parts, each with its own degree.

When seeking a Reiki master for master training, be sure to ask what you will be able to do after receiving master training from them. How many sub-levels or degrees will you receive? Will you be able to initiate others into all degrees, including full Reiki Master? This is a very important question because some have changed the Reiki system.

How Do I Become A Reiki Master?

Becoming a Reiki Master requires serious preparation. First, learn Reiki I, II, and Advanced Reiki. To decide if Reiki Mastership is right for you, you must first meditate on your life purpose. Then, find a competent Reiki Master to study with who will support you after you become a Reiki Master.

What Is It Like Being A Reiki Master?

A Reiki Master can initiate others into Reiki. Finding a teacher who will help you practice attunement is critical. For example, some teachers spend very little or no time practicing the attunements.

Solicit their assistance in developing your own curriculum. It's crucial. Some Reiki masters will not help you get started because they fear you will steal their students. Find a teacher who will openly support you in your goal of becoming a successful teaching Reiki Master.

Practice the attunements before teaching your first class. This can be done with Reiki-equipped friends. Ask if they want to be an "attunement model" and explain that the extra attunements will help them refine and strengthen their Reiki energies. Most will agree. A teddy bear or a pillow can be used to practice on if no one is available.

It's also a good idea to practice your class discussions and meditations. Record your talk outlines and practice sessions on tape. Listen to your tapes and make notes on how to improve your speeches. Then keep practicing until you're happy. Using an outline in class is acceptable. Relax and let Reiki energy do the teaching.

If you truly want to help others and have prepared well for your teaching, you should have no trouble finding students. Assume success and you will achieve it.

As a Reiki Master teacher, you must treat your students with respect. God's spark is in everyone. Never use subtle threats or withhold information to manipulate your students. Encourage each student to feel empowered and free to choose. What you create for others recirculates. You will be empowered by truly empowering others. Trust in the Universe's abundance, and you will be blessed with peace and joy as well as abundance.

It's important to lead by example when teaching Reiki by being an authentic representative of Reiki energy. Today's spirituality can't fool people as easily. These people want and need a true teacher who has done deep healing work on herself or him. This requires surrendering to Reiki energy and meditating on it. It is a continuous process of working with all aspects of one's being that are out of sync with Reiki energy and allowing Reiki energy to heal them. Because Reiki energy is all of these qualities and more, we must seek to develop and express them. Paradoxically, a true Reiki master is always becoming a Reiki master. It's a never-ending growth process, like life itself.

You will soon discover that there is more to Reiki than just using it to heal yourself and others. Reiki serves a purpose. In the same way that Reiki can guide healing energy during a treatment, it can also guide your life.

Everything you need is already in place and ready to go. This plan is perfect for you. No one else's wishes or cultural expectations matter more than your own. This plan is based on what truly makes you happy. This plan comes from your core essence. Reiki can help you make and follow this plan. This is your spiritual path.

By treating yourself and others, and meditating on the Reiki essence, you will be guided by Reiki in making important decisions. And sometimes you'll be guided to do things you vowed never to do. By letting go of what your ego thinks you need to be happy and surrendering to Reiki's loving power, you will find that your life changes in ways that bring greater harmony and feelings of true happiness.

With time, you will learn to trust Reiki's guidance. You have entered the Reiki Way when you completely surrender. With complete faith in the future, you will know that there was nothing to worry about in the past. As you progress toward your goal of wholeness, you will feel a sense of accomplishment!

The Bottom Line

Finally, a Reiki master is one who has been mastered by Reiki, not one who has mastered Reiki. This requires complete surrender to the Reiki spirit, allowing it to guide every aspect of our lives and become our sole source of nourishment. As the millennium ends, the Way of Reiki presents itself as a solution to our problems and a path of infinite potential. We wish this path was for all who could benefit from it.

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